The Liquid Advantage

Exclusively from Buried Treasure, the Liquid Advantage™ is what sets our nutritional supplements apart from average daily vitamins, minerals or other wellness products

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Life Line Foods, LLC, manufacturer of Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients, has been in the natural foods industry for over 50 years.    Buried Treasure products carry the weight of years of research, backed by clinical trials and proven results.

All Buried Treasure products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Most experts agree that the need for vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements is greater today than ever before, because the majority of our food supply is over processed and adulterated, leading to a depleted nutrient content. Until now, nutritional supplements have been available mostly in the form of tablets, capsules, and softgel caps.


 Superior Absorption


This brings up the question of absorption of these products. In order for vitamins and minerals to be utilized by the body, they must be absorbed by the blood cells from the bloodstream after passing through the digestive tract. Studies have questioned whether tablets, capsules, and softgel caps dissolve quickly enough to be effective, if they dissolve! Therefore, the key to nutrient effectiveness is directly related to the amount of active ingredients and the rate of their delivery and assimilation into the bloodstream.


More Bioavailability


In order for nutrients to be bioavailable (the percent of active ingredients that actually reaches the bloodstream), the digestive system is required to break down the binders, fillers, and other excipients used to hold the active ingredients together in tablets. Gelatin capsules and softgel caps require the break down of plasticizers, and beef and pork byproducts which are used as ingredients in most capsules. Artificial colors are often added to softgel caps to ensure a constant color.

Because the digestive system becomes less effective with age and when the body is under stress, assimilation of nutrients becomes less than optimal. Research shows that after age 50, the utilization of essential nutrients is greatly reduced. So when nutrient absorption may be most critical, our bodies lack the ability to break down the tablets, gelatin capsules, and soft gel caps.


Highest Potency


There is a solution to these absorption problems…BURIED TREASURE LIQUID NUTRIENTS. As our liquid nutrients contain none of these binders, fillers, etc., Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients provide the most efficient delivery system to the bloodstream. When nutrients are taken in this liquid form, the bioavailability is very high and very effective. Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients also offer the perfect solution to those individuals who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules.

It makes good health sense to take liquid nutrients, considering you receive the most efficient and effective bioavailability of dietary supplements. It also makes good Dollars and Cents to get the most for your money when choosing your nutritional supplements.


 Quality Ingredients


Every product is created with the highest quality ingredients.   Every ingredient goes through stringent testing before even being considered for our products.  “Quality products start with quality ingredients”.  Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients are formulated in an all natural base of fruit juices and do not contain the artificial colorings or fillings as commonly used in other products.

For increased absorption and bioavailability, choose BURIED TREASURE LIQUID NUTRIENTS — SIMPLY THE BEST, creating a new standard with unique and innovative all liquid formulas!