Whole Food Supplement for Your Vision Health

Buried Treasure Lumi Shield Plus AREDS 2 Comprehensive Eye Vitamin Formula with Lutein Meso-zeaxanthin and Zeaxanthin. Dr. Formulated Vision Support, Eye Health in Liquid Peppermint FlavorProven Nutrients to Restore, Rejuvenate and Protect

What is Blue Light

Blue Light is the harmful light rays that effect the quality of your vision.   This invisible light spectrum comes from the sun, electronic devices

Macular Pigment

The Macular Pigment is a mix of protective carotenoids found in the center of the eye.  Their function is to protect the macula from harmful

Helping Your Vision From the Inside Out

New Lumi Shield is a Break-Through in Supplementation

The whole food ingredients in Lumi Shield have been clinically proven to help protect and restore the macular pigment.  Damage to the macular pigment is the leading cause of age-related macula degeneration.

Whole Food Ingredients, Vegetarian Safe

Proven 10:10:2 Ratio of Phyto-Nutrients

Essential Carotenoids to Refresh and Protect Macula

Plus Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids working together for your eye health

What is Blue Light?

Harmful Blue Light rays come from electronic devices and sun light.   Over exposure may cause serious and permanent eye damage.

The 10:10:2 Ratio

Did you know there are specific nutrients that needed to supplemented and cannot be stored or produced by your body?

Natural Ingredients

Alone these powerhouse ingredients are good, together they are great!  Doctor formulated with the right ingredients for optimal eye health.

The Liquid Advantage

Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients make only one thing; liquid supplements.   The reason is we can put more nutritional value into a tablespoon of a liquid supplement than a pill, capsule or tablet.

Buried Treasure’s Lumi Shield is the most effective liquid eye formula available.   Each ingredient has up to 98% absorption.   This means you will get more value for your money.   More ingredients, better quality and higher absorption.  This is what you should expect from the liquid leader!

Quality products start with quality ingredients.

  • Whole food based ingredients
  • Vegetarian safe formulas
  • No artificial colors, ingredients or fillers
  • Highest potency supplements available

The Buried Treasure Liquid Advantage

  • More bioavailable form than tablets, pills or capsules
  • More absorbable – up to 99%
  • Higher potencies than other forms

Certified Sourced Ingredients

  • Every ingredient comes with a COA
  • Every ingredient is tested by our lab
  • Every ingredient is certified by third party lab
  • Every product is tested for potency and purity